Thursday, January 31, 2008


Since 22nd January 2008, every week at Tuesday to Thursday, our year 1 to year 3 students will have their sport practicing from 8.00 am to 9.00 am at Dataran Wawasan and the school field. Today, as usual, the SJKT MP students came to join the games and the teachers in-charge try to elect the students to participate in certain games. This year, our Vision School Sport Day fall at 14th February 2008

The Special Education Class was also having their games practices and I managed to capture some pictures during their practices.


At 12.00 noon yesterday, Dr Khairol Khashimi b Abdul Aziz, from Pusat Motivasi Dan Pendidikan Elit, Klang, came to our school to give a talk for our year 5 and year 6 students. He talked to the students about one day seminar which will be held on 3rd February 2008 in IKM Manjung. The topic of this seminar was “ The secret of becoming a brilliant student” and “ The Preparation Of Getting 5A in UPSR examination “. Students were encouraged to participate in this programme.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today was the 15 th of the month. Every 1st and 15 th of the month, the staff had to attire in their batik shirt . This morning I saw some teachers were dressed in beautiful traditional Malay costumes and I managed to picture them in front of my camera.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Today, there were 6 teachers and 2 staff started their duty in SKSB. They were :

Pn. Martakiah bt Hj. Abd. Kadir, transfered from SK Gugusan Lekir. She will teach the religion subject in this school.

Miss Komathy a/p Manikkam, from Johor. She had more than 11 years of experience in teaching English Language and will start her teaching life in SKSB.

Miss Ngu Kee Hong, 22 years old young lady from Ayer Tawar, hold her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from University Kebangsaan Malaysia. She was posted to SKSB and will teach the Mandarin Subject to the year 1 and 2 students.

This two young teacher En Alfairuz b Abdul Latif and Pn. Nor Zalilah bt Kamaruzzaman, were specialist in teaching the studens from the Sepcial Education Class for mentally retarded children. Both of them were Bachelor Degree holder.

Pn. Fuziah bt Idris, 7 years of experience in teaching Bahasa Melayu, will teach the Kindergarten class in SKSB.

En. Muhammad Suhairi b Mahuddin, 23 years old young man, was a skillful technician in both computer system and Electronic. He was an ex-technician in Imatera Digital Image Services Sdn Bhd for 2 years. He will help me in maintaining the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) equipments in the school.

Pn. Azlijah bt Baharom, was an assistant in managing the kindergarten students.

Beside the new coming teachers, we had 5 former teachers were transfered to others school start from January 2008. They were : Pn Rosni bt Abu Bakar, was promoted as a senior assistant at SK Methodist ACS, in Ayer Tawar. Pn Wan Nur Akmal had transfered to SK Layang-layang in Bota, Perak Tengah. Pn Nur Musleha was transfered to SK Dato Seri Kamaruddin, Sitiawan. Pn Rosni bt Ab Samat was transfered to SJKC Uk Ing in Kampung Cina, Sitiawan. The last teacher was En. Marzihan, was transfered to SK Lekir, Sitiawan. Here i hope both of them will
successful in their life endeavours in future.


Welcome back to school !
Today was the first assembly for the school for this new school year. Early in the morning, I saw the present of the parents who were accompanying their children especially those the year 1 students, to ensure that they went to the correct line and keep them acquainted to the new school anvironment. Pn Norazura, the teacher in charge of the assembly gave some briefing to the students. It was followed by the speech given by our headmaster. After the assembly, the year 1 students were divided into four classes, according to their assessment test result. Finally, the year 1 students were lead by their class teacher to go into their new class. They were so excited and ready to start their orientation programme.

For more picture, check out from the slide show below :