Saturday, June 30, 2007


Check out the slide presentation for The EMS Class ( English in Mathematics and Science ) which held on 29th June 2007. This class was carried out under the Buddy Support System. The teachers were asked to present a mirco-teaching using English.

Program Yayasan Gemilang Perak

Program ini berlangsung pada 22,23 dan 24 Jun melibatkan murid-murid tahun 6.
Sekolah yang melibatkan diri dalam program ini ialah SK Seri Bayu, SK Seri Manjung, SK Dato Seri Kamaruddin dan SK Muhammad Saman.Murid-Murid yamg terlibat dalam program ini ialah selamai 160 orang.Program ini bertujuan untuk membimbing murid menjawab soslan-soalan peperiksaan dengan teknik yang betul.


Three cheers for SKSB Kindergarten Children for emerging as District Dancing Competition Champions for the Manjung Kindergarten Carnival. It was held at SK Seri Selamat on Wednesday, 27 June 2007. They were accompanied by Cikgu Suhaime and Cikgu Massita.
The pictures are compliments of Cikgu Suhaime.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Pn Rosni mentioned to me yesterday that she has noticed the picture of some teachers were posted in the blog when she visited the blog. She would like it if i could published her picture too. Well, i managed to snap one of her picture while she was posting in front of the computer.

Thursday, June 28, 2007



This morning while the recess time, i heard some noise coming out from the Access Learning Room. Aiyoh!, I had a shock when i saw nearly 40 students gathered inside the room. I guessed because Pn Rosnani had just made an announcements that the Access Learning Room was started to operate today. So, the students were trying to race against the time to access the internet. Although it was good in respond, but we were tried to avoid the overloading of students in this room.

Presentation on KPerak Cluster

Yesterday Azura and I went to Ipoh to present the KPerak cluster ongoing project. 6 representative from the Ministry of Education were there to see us. They were pleased to see what we had done during the 3 months project. We showed them all the powerpoints the students made. We still continue with this project with other classes and we hope all the teachers from SK Seri Bayu will join us to educate the pupils through ICT. All the best and go, go, go ICT!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today was the first day i taught my 4B class about Oracle I had sign up the student accounts for all my student in 4B. They learnt how to sign in, use the write tool and meet the people who's online. Wow!!!! My Students really like it and enjoy it very much.


This morning, there was a goup of year 5 boys, busy praticed "Boria" on the SKSB stage. They will represent our school in Boria Competition District Level at 7 July 2007. The competition will be held in SK Seri Sitiawan.

Pn Rasidah, Pn Surani and Pn Zaliha were the teachers who in-charge of the "Boria team".

Monday, June 25, 2007


The whole of this morning, 4 technicians come from Imatera Digital Image Services Sdn Bhd did the bar code tagging and maintenance of computer in the computer lab. The picture below was the bar code printer.


Remember the Eureka Compotition that I had reported last week? Well, yesterday was the Eureka Competition in District Level. 3 of our students, represented our school in this competition. They were Fairus Dalilah bt Abd Rashid, Fitrah Atiqah bt Anuar and Siti Nurhidayah bt Mohd Azhar. Congratulations to our school team got third place out of 15 schools in District Level. The competition was held at SMK Ahmad Boestaman. The teachers who went with them were Pn Rosnah and En Mohd Yusli.

Our students busy preparing the model.

Yes, this is the handmade clock by using waterpower to make the hand clock move.

Pn Rosnah and En Mohd Yusli had put a lot of effort in helping the students to prepare for the Eureka Competition. Three cheers for them.

Our Manjung District Deputy Education Officer En Suhaimi b Ramli, presented prizes to our school team.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Our school organized a Keyboard Class for the teachers in Manjung at SKSB every Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. since April. Almost 20 teachers from Manjung District attend the class. They had showed up their interest in music. When I entered their class this morning, I was surprised to hear they even can manage to play a short song. Their keyboard class teacher’s Miss Key, did a very good job. For those teachers from Manjung District who are interest, you can sign up from me. For more pictures check out the slide show below.


This morning, SKSB first Art Class Lesson was carried out with 15 SKSB students participated. This project was arranged by SKSB Arts Society with Sabak Music Academy. At 10.30am, Miss Lee and her assistant Miss Mary from Sabak Music Academy came over to teach the children. They learnt the technique of drawing and coloring the picture. It was amazing to see their nice pictures finally.


Yesterday afternoon, Pn Azura with her assistant Pn. Sulamawati and Pn. Adzharani carried out the English Language Classes for the Mathematics and Science teachers under the Buddy Support System. They were asked to prepare and present a 30 minutes micro-teaching lesson using English language. The purpose is to help the Mathematics and Science teachers to improve their own proficiency levels in the language in order to make their lesson better. Anyway, the teachers were a joy to teach as they were attentive and co-operative. Everyone took an active part and gave a 100% effort. The picture below shows the presentation done by Pn. Maziatoljasnim and Pn. Wahida.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Keying In Marks

This week the teachers are busy keying in the marks for the mid-year examination. This two ladies teachers were the earliest one keying in the marks compare with the others. They are Pn. Maziatoljasnim and Pn. Wahida. Three cheers for them.

Hockey Competition

This morning, Pn. Rosnah asked for my help to post this report about Hockey Competition that was held last 2 month ago. Althought is the late coming good new but i rather late in reporting. Congratulations to our school hockey team for becoming the District Level Champion. The competition was held in Stadium MSSD.
I am happy to report that 1 of our girls ( Farah Nurdiyana bt Azaman ) is qualified to represent the national team and 9 of them will be representing Perak for hockey.

Pn. Rosnah and Pn. Surani ( 1st and 2nd from the left ) were the coach for our school hockey team. Well done!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This morning when I pass through the " Kelas Pendidikan Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran " ( special education class for mentally retarded children) , I noticed that some workmen were busy at work welding the grid and fixing the tile beside the class. This covered walkway will be install starting from the side entrance of PKBP class to the washroom behind the class. This is to prevent the kid's from hanging outside the class when they use the washroom.

Cool Class

4B students were enjoy since they moved into this air-conditioning class after their class was taken by 2M. This class is the former SJKC library which located in thrid floor. When I enter their class, I noticed most of them brought their sweater to school and wear it inside the class because it’s really cold. Look at the picture, are they look like foreign students ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Preparations For Eureka Competition

Eureka Competition ( District Level ) will be held on 23/6/2007. Pn Rosnah together with En. Mohd Yusli are helping the students to build the model for the contest. Our Students are instructed to build a clock by using waterpower to make the clock hand move. This assigment is a lot of challenge to the teachers and students. Everday both of these two teachers are trying to find the coordination between the volume of the dripping water with the distance of the hand's movement. I hope they can manage to find the solution. Keep it up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Teaching Couseware

Recently, a corner was set up in the computer lab for displaying the ICT Teaching Courseware. A lot of coursewares have been collected from the teachers to build into CD. The purpose is to share the creativity and idea of teaching among the teachers. Almost 20 CDs have been created from different subjects such as Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics, Science, Mandarin, Pendidikan Islam and others.

SKSB ICT's Project

Pn Surani bt Othman is one of the BM teacher in our school. She is doing a Bahasa Melayu ICT' project for the year 5 students. The students did well in their BM handbooks.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Welcome to the new blog . Here I would like to congratulate Ruth as the creator to this blog. I really hope that this blog will help you all out there to know more about our school. Welcome............

Perpindahan Kelas

Perpindahan kelas dari tahun 1 hingga tahun 4 telah dijalankan pada hari ini. Ini adalah disebabkan memberi ruang kepada penambahan kelas pra sekolah SKSB.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was attend the Oracle course from 13/6/2007 to 15/6/2007 in PKG Seri Manjung.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peperiksaan PKSR 1 Tahun 2007

Peperiksaan PKSR 1 telah bermula dari 12/6/2007 hingga 15/6/2007. Semua murid diminta bersedia untuk menduduki ujian tersebut. Aktiviti dan kelas tambahan telah dibatalkan dalam minggu tersebut. Kelas tambahan yang telah dibatalkan terdiri daripada kelas J-Qaf, Tasmik, BCSK ( bagi tahap 1). Diminta ibubapa serta penjaga sila ambil perhatian.