Friday, February 29, 2008


The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

School choir presented "NILAM " song.

Certificates and brooches were given away to the winner.

Students from Mandarin class present a Chinese song

Presentation in Arabian language

Songs were sung in English by SKSB students.

Nurul Fazliyana bt Abdul Rahim, the first SKSB student, won the highest award in "Jauhari Reading ", received her grand prize ( a set of color monitor, sponsor by our HM ) from the Education Officer from PPD, Encik Mohd Saad b Mohd Nor.

This morning, the NILAM programme for 2008 was launched in the first time in our school. Puan Idiana who was the media teacher and also the teacher in-charge of the programme and her team prepared a simple and great ceremony to start off the programme. Encik Mohd Saad b Mohd Nor, one of the Education Officer from the PPD was invited to officiate the opening ceremony of NILAM programme. The ceremony started with the prayers recited by Ustaz Zulhaidi. This was followed by the opening speech by Encik Sulaiman b Maliki, the senior assistant. After that, the ribbon cutting ceremony was done by Encik Mohd Saad b Mohd Nor after his speech. 100 balloons fly up to the sky. There were several presentations had been carried out by the students in different languagues such as Malay, English, Chinese and Arabian. Certificates and brooches were given to the students who won the most reading book in NILAM programme.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This afternoon's ICT course was conducted by En. Muhammad Suhairi b Mahuddin, our computer technician at the Computer Room. The EMS teachers were giving briefing in notebook preventive maintainace. En. Suhairi showed how to update the Anti virus and download it from the website. The teachers learn some skill in "killing" the virus in various ways.


Congratulations to our SKSB students for showing good achievement at the Zone level for athletics item held in SK Seri Manjung on 21st Februari 2008.

The male athlete team won the bronze in running 4 x 200 meter. Those that took part were Mohd Azwan Salim, Mohd Asyraf Rudin, Ezwan Yusri and Izuwan Shaari .

Nur Hanis Wahida Saharudin becoming champion for the Female High Jump below 11 year old while Salina Mohd Idris won the bronze for the Female High Jump below 12 year old.

Nur Anis Farzira Mohd Zamri showed good result in her Long Jump item. She won the second place for the Female Long Jump below 12 year old.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Our Annual School Sports was held at 2.30 this afternoon. The students from SJKT and SKSB were participating in sports. School sports is one of the most prestigious event in my school calendar. There were several type of games such as 50 and 100 meter running, kindergarten's games and games for adult were held today. Others games were held a day before sports. Our guest of honour Y.B. Dato'. Kong Cho Ha Deputy Minister of Science, Technology And Innovations was invited to officiate the opening ceremony. The events was end up at 6.30 in the evening. The house champaign for this year was won by blue house. Three cheers for them !!!

For more pictures, check the slide show below :