Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Perak eLearning Cluster 1

Today morning Mr. Jedd Barlett ,Ms Audrie and Norlizah ( SK Seri Ampang ) came to our school for KPEC #1 project. They met our year 6 Baiduri student, 2 school facilitators and 5 mentor teachers. Ms Audrie brought the student into Aoraki website. The student were excited and asked Audrie questions. They were happy to see Tane, New Zealand School's soft toy ambassador. Our school's ambassador which represent by Belang was ready to start his adventures to New Zealand. We were having great time sharing about the projects and the planning which will start soon.
Thanks to Jedd, Audrie and Norlizah for their guidence in KPEC#1 project.

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Audrie said...

HIbthere, great to see you blogging about your school. Please let me know how the audioconference went. Audrie