Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The photographic crew reached the school compound this morning at around 8.30 a.m. to start their final's shooting session today.

The crew went to the Special Auditorilly Handicapped Class to start their shooting session.

The students were given 100%co-operative when the camera was captured down their appearance.

Pn Fadzilah presented the Mathematics lesson with the handicapped students using sign languague.

At 10.00 in the morning, the " Kelas Pendidikan Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran " ( special education class for mentally retarded children) was the next destination for the shooting session.

Mr Wong present at the class to give guidance to the teachers about the arrangement of the class, so that the camera could have completed focus at all the students.

The students were demostrated the Mathematic learning skill through building the cube during the shooting session.

At around 12.30 noon, the year 4 to 6 students from both of two school ( SKSB and SJKT MP)were ready at the Dataran Wawasan. The Tunas puteri was the first team to carried out the shooting session.

They were performing some actions song while the camera was captured their activity

This was followed by the next team, boy's scout.

One of the PBSM's student was demostrated the broken arm binding in front of the camera.

The school's band performed a song on the stage and were conducted by Pn. Adzhrani.

The cameraman shot from different angle to attain a perfect results.
Finally at 1.30 p.m. the photograpy shooting session came to a successful close.

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