Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yesterday, 16 November 2007 was our school Year 2007 Graduation And Annual Prize-Giving Ceremony. The ceremony started at 3.00 pm in IKM hall. Our guest of honour Y.B. Dato'. Kong Cho Ha Deputy Minister of Science, Technology And Innovations was invited to officiate the opening ceremony.

The school choir sung a few songs after the speeches.

Excellent presentation from the school violin groups.

This was followed by a short plays presentated by the students of Special Auditorilly Handicapped Class.

The students from kindergarden SKSB perform a Malay's Dance

The mini orchestra form by the violin, recorder and the percussion groups.

Chinese dance were presented by the BSCK ( Mandarin language class ) students.

After that was the prize-giving ceremony. Prizes were given to the students who fared well in the PKSR, UPSR exam and also to students with outstanding co-curricular achievement.
The model students award were presented to the students from Special Auditorilly Handicapped Class and years six class.

Ceremony was ended at 6.00pm with the refreshment for the invited guests.

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insane_penguin said...

congrats to all the prize reciever..
keep studying and always be the best..
to zul,haha,at last u made it....