Tuesday, March 18, 2008


SKSB new website look

Since last February, i was busy collecting and editing our school informations. This is because our old website host ( Netfirms ) will terminate SKSB account in this coming September due to our account expired date. We were registered in Netfirms for free hosting and domain since 2003. But right now, is the time we have to find a new home for our website.
We had put a lot of effort and time to find a new hosting, design the layout, planning the details, edit again and again. It was really hard for me, but finally we managed to upload our site.

Ladies and gentlemen, below is our new website address and you are most welcome to our new home.


Jedd said...

Well done, Ruth. I have had a good look around, and recognise many faces. Especially on the KPEC page.

Anonymous said...

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zura said...

Hello Ruth,
Syabas.... I know it is a hard work but knowing u , I'm sure u'll do great....