Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last Friday, i gave a short in house training to the year 5 Baiduri students about creating a blog. 10 students had been selected to learn the skill and had sign up for a blogger account. They had showed their interest in designing their personal blog. When i look through their blogs, i found they managed to put some new elements and publish some posts about themselves. Congratulation to them. As least them had took a first step forward to the world of IT.
For further viewing to the student's blog, check the side element panel.

On the other hand, the EMS teachers were attended to an ICT course handed by our school technician, Mr. Suhairi in the school computer lab. He was given some briefing in how to maintain the notebook.

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Jedd said...

Well done Ruth. I have enjoyed reading some of the students' blogs, especially Syamirul's Blog. Congratulate them for me please. I have enjoyed your news this term. All the best, Jedd Bartlett.