Thursday, November 12, 2009

Year 6 Farewell Party

This Farewell Party was organised by the Year 6 teachers and it was a success. Almost all the Year 6 pupils attended the party which was held at Sabu Shabu restaurant situated near Kamdar. It is a new restaurant and they served us with steamboat, barbeque, noodles, ice cream and a lot more. Many teachers came to the party and they really had a great time especially the pupils. Our PIBG chairman was with us to celebrate the pupils. During the party, we had lucky draw and most of us were the lucky ones.
The Year 6 pupils also had a special remembrance for their ex-teacher Pn Nor Azura bt Murad and they gave her a farewell present too. There's a poem reciting by Hani & friend for all the pupils and teachers.
They really enjoyed themselves and the unforgettable day will be remembered as they will be living for their Secondary year. Cheerio.......

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