Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This morning, there was a goup of year 5 boys, busy praticed "Boria" on the SKSB stage. They will represent our school in Boria Competition District Level at 7 July 2007. The competition will be held in SK Seri Sitiawan.

Pn Rasidah, Pn Surani and Pn Zaliha were the teachers who in-charge of the "Boria team".


Jedd said...

I am enjoying the blog Ruth, and the photos of events at SK Seri Bayu. Congratulations to you and the others involved. Look forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks! Jedd

Derek said...

The Bayu blog has really come a long way since you started it Ruth - it is providing a wonderful story of what is happening in your school! I like the way you are experimenting with all sorts of media on it too - well done.

These photographs are very interesting - but I'm afraid I'm not really sure what "Boria" is - perhaps one of your students could write a short post for your blog, describing what they are doing?