Sunday, December 30, 2007


A total of 134 year 1 students began registering today at SKSB for their new intake for year 2008. Early in the morning, the 7 year old students were accompanied by their parents to settle their registration and buying books and tools to prepare for the school opening day at 3rd January 2008. This year, the school has opened up 4 classes for year 1 and the average number of students per class is 35.

Our headmaster was delivered speech to the year 1 parents.

Those parents were trying to understand the insituation of the school and the policy of SKSB.

New faces were appeared in the year 1 classes.

The students sat for a one-hour assessment test to gauge their academic abilities.

Parents were busy settle their registration with the class teachers.

Pn. Rosalina was one of the year 1 class teacher. Pn. Yusniza was helping her to settle the registration forms.

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fatindiana said...

hello teacher!
i'm fatin diana.
ex-sksb student (2003-2004)

i really2 miss this school and i feel like i want to go back to the time where i was still in primary school :)