Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here I wish to apologize to all who visit my blog often. Since a month ago, I couldn’t post some information about thebayu because occur some technical problems. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Share to you a poem written by JULIUS BABARINSA.

Every human being living on this earth hope for something

Poor people hope that one day money will come their way

The rich folks hope to multiply their assets before long

Several men hope for a wife who is as caring as their mother

Many women hope for husbands who is as loving as their father

Children always hope for parents who will give them everything

Bankers hope that everybody will pay their mortgages in time

Thieves and robbers hope the police should stop harassing them

While the police hope that every person will be law-abiding

Priests and clerics hope that everyone will live a sacred life

Experienced nurses hope the doctors will treat them with respect

Medical doctors hope their patients will recuperate faster

Careful drivers hope that other drivers will drive like them

Teachers hope all students will do their home-work regularly

While the students hope the teachers will give them easy exams

The colleges hope that all students will pay their tuition promptly

Farmers always hope for good and abundant harvest

Lawyers hope more and more people will need their services

Fishermen hope that more and more fishes run into their nets

School-girls always hope for rich and generous boy-friends

All politicians hope to get elected and re-elected

Employers hope their workers will volunteer for overtime

Every architect always hope to design the best building in town

Builders hope to showcase the tallest building as their own work

The mechanics always hope more people will buy used-vehicles

What are your personal hopes on this earth?

What are your hopes for your family?

What are your hopes for your country?

The day we humans stop hoping on this earth

Will be the day we cease to be members of this beautiful planet

Please remember to stay happy and cheerful

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